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Opera GX browser gets feature to automatically fake search history

Juli 29, 2023 14:04

Opera GX has gained a feature that automatically clears browser history after two weeks of inactivity and fills the past two weeks with fake searches. According to the browser this feature can be used to prevent others from browsing through the real browser history.

Users can activate the feature by clicking the 'Redeem my soul' option in the browser history. If the Opera browser is not launched for 14 days after that it will clear the entire search history. The last fourteen days are filled with fake searches that according to Opera include only 'pleasant' results such as 'how to donate to a food bank' and nearest blood bank'.

This can be used according to the browser in case the user has died and next of kin review the search history. Incidentally it is also possible to immediately delete the search history and fake the results with the button 'Pretend I'm already dead'. The feature has only been added to the GX browser a special version of the regular Opera browser specifically aimed at gamers.

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